Vegan Vegetable and Pepperoni Pizza
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Perfect for a Friday or Saturday night, you can make two tasty vegan pizzas low inf at and full of health building nutrition and fiber for half the price of take out. Feel free to experiment with whatever vegetables you have on hand or that your family likes.
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Recipe Type: Light Meals
Cuisine: Vegan
Number Servings: 4
What You Need
  • 1 whole wheat or gluten free pizza crust
  • ½-3/4 cup garlic pizza sauce
  • 3-4 cups vegetables such as small broccoli florets, baby spinach leaves, sliced baby bella mushrooms, thin sliced peppers, fresh tomatoes sliced thin, sun dried tomatoes in oil, roasted vegetables, minced garlic, artichoke hearts, fresh basil leaves, etc.
  • ¾ cup Daiya dairy free mozzarella cheese
  • 1 package of vegan pepperoni slices
  • Kosher salt
How to Do It
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. If using a pizza stone, make sure to put it in the oven and get it good and hot before adding crust on it.
  2. Spread crust over pizza stone or pan, then add sauce spreading evenly over crust.
  3. Top crust with cheese, then add the vegetable blend; top with vegan pepperoni slices.
  4. Sprinkle mixture lightly with sea salt, then put in preheated oven to bake.
  5. Remove after cheese is melted, vegetables are tender, and crust is lightly browned.
  6. Let cool for 3 minutes or so then slice.
  7. Serve topped with vegan parmesan cheese if desired.
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