Last Minute Soul Food Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

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Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner – Not Sure What to Serve?

As we get down to the wire for the beginning of the holiday season, most of the questions received on this blog ask me  “what should I/we serve for a vegan Thanksgiving dinner?”

New vegans will especially struggle with trying to find recipes for dishes that are similar in taste, appearance and texture to the traditional omnivore Thanksgiving holiday offerings.

Fear no more! I’ve graciously prepared a list of fabulous recipes you can serve with pride at your vegan Thanksgiving celebration. Take a look, choose your favorites, then head to the grocery store.

Recreating the Traditional into a Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving is when the extended family gathers together, which may mean you have 20 or more people to feed. My grandparents had 10 children, and when we descended upon her house, there were easily 50 children and adults in attendance! There were so many people my grandmother always cooked TWO turkeys, plus other dishes.

Thanksgiving in our family was always fun, and the food was always delicious. The women in extended family family along with my Uncle (who was a San Francisco chef), would be flinging pots and ingredients for HOURS getting everything ready. Remember, this was before food processors were invented, so everyone was slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing.

Everyone always looked forward to having my grandmother’s scratch made yeast rolls, my Uncle’s cranberry relish, my Mom’s baked macaroni and cheese; and my aunts desserts. Auntys would come through with sweet potato pies, cakes and other side dishes.

The Vegan Thanksgiving Dilemma Solved

Traditionally, the Thanksgiving table of African Americans consists of one to three protein sources, four or five side dishes, and two or more desserts. This suggested vegan Thanksgiving menu plan follows tradition, but replaces the animal protein and animal derived ingredients with plant-based vegan replacements. This entire soul food vegan Thanksgiving dinner menu is 100% plant-based, but just as tantalizing to the senses as anything you’ve ever had before.

I searched the web far and wide so you didn’t have to. Click the links below to find suggested recipes you can prepare and serve at your vegan Thanksgiving celebration. Oh, and Bookmark (CNTRL+B) this page, so you never need to worry about what to serve at a holiday dinner party ever again.

Vegan Thanksgiving Entrees

vegan Thanksgiving loaf - click for recipe









Fat Free Vegan
Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf

vegan stuffed seitan roll - click for recipe









Vegan Yack Attack – Seitan Stuffed Roast

vegan thanksgiving stuffed acorn squash







Simply Recipes
Acorn Squash Stuffed with Brown Rice and Mushrooms

vegan stuffed tofu turkey








Vegan Baked Tofu “Turkey” 

roasted acorn squashwith wild rice stuffing







Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing 

seitan turkey loaf recipe









The Right On Mom
Grandma’s Homemade Vegan Seitan “Turkey”

Vegan ham recipe - click for recipe









Plant Power Couple
Vegan Seitan Ham with a Pineapple Mustard Glaze


Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes

vegan garlic mashed potatoes









My California Roots
Garlic Mashed Potatoes

okra corn and tomatoes vegan vegetarian recipe okra recipe






Blacks Going Vegan!
Okra, Corn and Tomato Gumbo

vegan mashed potatoes and gravy






Vegan Huggs

Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Mushroom Gravy

worlds best mac and cheese recipe by Deborrah Cooper






Blacks Going Vegan
The World’s Best Vegan Macaroni and Cheese for Real!

vegan collard greens







Divas Can Cook
Vegan Collard Greens

Sunny Anderson collard greens






Sunny Anderson for The Cooking Channel
Southern Style Vegetarian Greens

vegan cornbread recipe - click for recipe





Genius Kitchen

Award Winning Vegan Cornbread

vegan cornbread dressing







Halal Meets the World of Cooking
Vegan Cajun Cornbread Dressing for Vegans

Candied vegan yams with marshmallow







Conscious Living
Southern Candied Yams – Vegan Man Style

Vegan side dishes for Thanksgiving - click for recipe









Kalyn’s Kitchen
Roasted Carrots with Mushrooms & Thyme

lemon garlic green beans - click for recipe









Healthy Blender Recipes
Lemon Garlic Green Beans

fluffy vegan yeast rolls - click for recipe









The Baker Upstairs
Soft & Fluffy One Hour Yeast Rolls

vegan spelt dinner rolls









The Minimalist Baker
Fluffy Vegan Spelt Rolls


Desserts for Your Vegan Thanksgiving







Seventh Generation
Vegan Sweet Potato Pie 1

vegan sweet potato pie and pie crust recipes









Sweet Potato Soul
Vegan Sweet Potato Pie and Pie Crusts

click for recip







One Green Planet
Delectable Cashew Citrus Cream Cake with Pomegranate

deep dish vegan pie




Deep Dish Apple Pie 

vegan carrot cake with cream cheese frosting - click for recipe







Vegan Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

click for recipe









Yummy Mummy Kitchen
Vegan Mini Pecan Pies 


Vegan Thanksgiving Condiments, Etc.

cranberry orange relish







New York Times Cooking
Orange and Cranberry Relish

pineapple cranberry relish - click for recipe









Carlsbad Cravings
Pineapple Cranberry Sauce

click for recipe









This Savory Vegan
The Best Vegan Gravy

Kitchen Treaty
Easy Vegetarian/Vegan Onion Gravy

New York Times Cooking
Make Ahead Mushroom Gravy


vegan thanksgiving recipes

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