No Junk Food January 30 Day Challenge

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Starting on January 2, 2015, a group of about 150 people interested in breaking the hold that fast food, sugary carbs, and greasy fats have on them will get together and challenge themselves to break the habit!

Note: You do not have to be vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or pescaterian to participate in this challenge. Sure, it’s sponsored by this site, but that is merely for logistical purposes. We welcome the participation of any and everyone struggling with sugar, carbohydrates, fast and junk food addiction. That includes the “junk food vegans” out there who avoid eating animal products, but eat like crap in every other respect.

During those 30 days you’ll enjoy many great benefits to both your body and your health. Typically people see the following changes almost immediately.

  • Better sleep, as the stimulation from sugar and caffeine is eliminated.
  • Better skin, as the toxins from sugar, white flour, and fat are purged.
  • Better brain function and clearer thinking
  • Less inflammation and swelling in ankles, feet, face and hands.
  • Weight loss – as much as 15 pounds in women, and 20 lbs or more for men.
  • Lowered blood pressure, as the body is not overwhelmed with sodium and fats.
  • Lower blood sugar levels in diabetics as simple sugary carbs and snack foods are replaced with wholesome whole foods.
  • Better urinary habits and less fluid retention as sugary or chemically laden beverages are replaced with pure water or fresh juices.
  • Improved nutrition, as you replace food-like substances (that aren’t really food) with the real deal
  • And lots more!

The general guidelines we’ll be following are set out in the graphic below, with other important guidelines here. They’ll be lots of information for you to read during the 30 days of the challenge; all participants are invited to visit the site regularly for tips, information and support. The forum which is the place to go to lend your support or get some when you’re feeling weak is here: DISCUSSION FORUMS FOR SUPPORT. If you are a Facebook user, join the Facebook discussion group No Junk 30 Day Challenge by BlacksGoingVegan.Com.

No junk food january

Remember, when you get up the morning of January 2nd 2015 the first thing you should do is weigh and measure yourself. If your blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar levels are of concern, get those numbers as well. Write everything down either on your computer or a journal that you can take with you.

It’s a great idea to keep track of when you struggle the most (what your triggers are), and how you feel as you move through the 30 day program. Having your numbers in black and white will give you the opportunity to compare figures at the end of the challenge and see how far you’ve come in just one month.

Enjoy your holidays, because on January 2nd we DO THE DAMN THANG.

Preparing for the No Junk Food 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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