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No Junk January – Why Give Up Junk Food?

No Junk January – Why Give Up Junk Food?

| 11/15/2014 | Reply

Why do I love junk food so much? I find all kinds of reasons to justify eating it with the top one being it’s easier and cheaper. Just so you know, I am not a vegan or vegetarian, I eat meat. I want to know how you say its cheaper to cook because I can eat off the dollar cravings menu at Taco Bell and be full for $4-5.00 (plus tax and whatever it costs for a soda)… so say $6.50 and I’m done. No dishes to wash either! Three of my friends want me to do the junk food challenge with them in January. But first I want to know why should stop eating fast food and cook like you suggest, when I can just do what I’ve been doing? It works for me.

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