Hip and Thigh Lower Body Fat Blast Squat Challenge

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Time to get busy reshaping your body with our 28-day squat challenge. If you are like most Americans, your job is sedentary and you spend a great deal of time sitting behind a computer console plugging away. Not only is sitting for hours on end bad for your circulation, it’s also bad for your posture, core strength, your glutes (butt muscles), and your thighs.

Have you ever heard the term “secretarial spread?” Probably not, but it was very popular during my youth back in the 1970s. A case of “secretarial spread” involved the flattening and atrophy of the butt, widening of the hips, and squishiness and flabbiness in the hip and thigh area. Enter the BlacksGoingVegan.Com 28 day squat challenge!

Changing your diet and incorporating more plant-based foods is a fabulous start, and you’ll find a lot of great recipes here on the blog as well as in my cookbook “Why Vegan is the New Black: More Than 100 Delicious Meat Free Meal Ideas Your Whole Family Will Love!”

Couple dietary changes with this 28 day killer lower body fat blast squat challenge, and you’ll see some remarkable changes in your lower body in less than a month. Add a brisk 1 mile walk to your routine a few days a week, and you’ll see something almost magical happen.

As your heart rate increases, your body will pull fat from fat stores all over your body. Don’t sashay, I’m talking about pump it! Many of you will be surprised at how many inches (not how much scale weight) you lose through your abdominal area, your upper arms, and your back during the 28 day hip and thigh lower body fat blast squat challenge.  Measuring your before and after with a tape measure is the best way to track FAT loss.

Here’s how to do the challenge. Start tomorrow! It will be hard at first and you may experience soreness. If so, be sure to add extra rest days and perhaps stretch your program out to 30-33 days. Either way you’ll reap the benefits of two of the best low impact squat and split squat challenge exercises you can do.

If you’re brave, post your BEFORE and AFTER pics below.

Squat Challenge 28 day squat challenge from BlacksGoingVegan.Com

download 28 day squat challenge graphic here





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    cant wait to start

  2. Nicole says:

    cant wait

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