Rev. Al Sharpton Loses 170 Pounds on Vegan Diet

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Reverend Al Sharpton is literally half the man he used to be after undergoing an astonishing 170-pound weight loss during the past four years.

Sharpton, 59, recently discussed his dramatic weight loss on Oprah’s Next Chapter. Rev. Al, who once tipped the scales at 305 pounds, now weighs 135 pounds, thanks to a mostly vegan diet and daily workouts.

Sharpton gave up starches, sugar and processed foods and works out every day. He said he lost the weight through diet and exercise, and denied rumors that he underwent gastric-bypass surgery, saying the weight loss was “all mental.”

Sharpton follows a low-calorie, low-fat diet, consisting of two pieces of whole-wheat toast for breakfast, a salad for lunch with a banana, and two slices of whole-wheat toast again for dinner.

Sharpton said the weight loss was important because he wanted to prove to himself that food did not have power over him, as it did for so many decades.

Rev. Al had an epiphany a few years ago after realizing he no longer wanted to be a slave to his food cravings and a prisoner in his own body.

Sharpton, who once ate heaping servings of fried chicken at every meal, wanted to get healthy so he could be a positive role model for his community.

“You can’t address our issues and demand social justices when you are a prisoner in your own body. How do you pastor when they are in the church cafeteria frying? We can’t preach community control when we aren’t practicing self-control.”

The once-sedentary Rev. Al now works out every day. “You live seven days a week, that means you should exercise seven days a week,” he said. Sharpton rides the stationary bike for cardio exercise, and strength-trains.

In addition to making him physically healthier, Rev. Al said his vegan diet has made him more emotionally resilient.

“A vegetarian diet has a way of absorbing the stress and gives you greater endurance,” he said. “I don’t eat many starches or [refined] sugars. I just love greens and grains. I eat a lot of salad and fruits. I feel like a new, improved me.”


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