Vegan Cannibals?

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I recently left a large vegan discussion group here on Facebook for one reason – the dozens of posters in a thread on the subject of eating human placenta. They were seriously discussing drinking the placenta in a smoothie within hours of giving birth, keeping it cool and sending it off to be dried and made into capsules, placenta and umbilical cordor even ripping of a chunk and placing it by their gums within minutes of birth.

What amazed me is the vast majority of these vegans were largely in favor of this behavior, in spite of the fact that not one scientifically monitored double-blind placebo controlled study on human placentophagy has ever been conducted.

Which leads me to ask, “Huh?”

How does cannibalism relate to veganism? It doesn’t! Whether the flesh you eat is of a chicken, a goat, a pig, a cow, or a human its the same thing. You are eating the tissue of a living, breathing, thinking, sentient being which is against every single premise of veganism.

Yet the folks in the group were doing all kinds of jump-arounds and came up with all kinds of exceptions and justifications for munching on raw human tissue.cognitive dissonance and vegans

It’s healthy for you!”isn’t that what meat eaters say about eggs, steaks and chicken breast?
It’s your own tissue though, so it doesn’t count!” — so eating human flesh is okay? Is it just your own flesh, or would you eat a placenta you bought on EBAY?
“It’s not harming anyone!”so then why argue that vegans shouldn’t wear fur and leather since the animal is already dead? It doesn’t need its skin or fur anymore, right? You can only die once, so what’s left should be up for grabs just like your placenta!

You see where I am going with this?

There is no logical sane reason for anyone who calls themselves a “vegan” to advocate munching on human placenta, human arms, human toe jam – nothing. Their accepting attitude towards eating bloody human tissue, either raw or freeze dried and encapsulated, was appalling to me.

Acceptance and promoting this barbaric practice is not only a prime example of cognitive dissonance. but to me a serious challenge to the vegan stance on avoiding ingestion of all flesh-based foods. Since humans are animals, too, what kind of mental gymnastics are going on that a vegan would believe such a practice is okay?

That’s my stance, what’s yours?


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