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The Vegg Carton

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I’ve been waiting for the weekend to come so I would have time to try the sample of The Vegg I got earlier in the week to see how it tasted in a recipe. At first I was going to try making scrambled eggs with it to compare point by point with real eggs. However, while lying in bed I flipped through my copy of The Vegg cookbook and saw the process to make scrambled eggs.

Maybe I’m just being lazy, but making scrambled eggs just seemed far too complicated, so I quickly ditched that idea. I instead settled on making the broccoli quiche. Had to jump up and run to the store to get the necessary items, as I don’t want to get too hungry before I eat, and this stuff has to bake for 45 minutes before I can eat breakfast.

There are reportedly many pluses to the product:

  1. It can be used as an egg replacement in any recipe that calls for eggs.
  2. It’s great for people new to veganism still wrestling with their cravings for eggs, as it gives food that “eggy” taste that transitioning vegans may miss.
  3. It makes delicious french toast (so I’ve heard – I haven’t tried that yet but I will!)
  4. Its 100% vegan with NO animal products, NO cholesterol, and NO egg related allergy triggers.
The vegg in dry form and mixed form

The Vegg in Mixed and dry forms

I followed the recipe for the broccoli quiche pretty closely, except I added some minced red bell pepper and more onion to it. Quiche itself is really easy to make, so it was in the oven in no time.

Mixing up “The Vegg” was a snap in the blender. Amazingly enough, it even had that sulfur-like smell that boiled eggs have – you know the boiled egg smell I’m talking about! In the blender the consistency was very close to what a few whipped egg yolks would look like; even the color matched egg yolk. I didn’t taste it from its “raw” state in the blender, but I was pleasantly surprised by the texture and visual aspects of the product.

What’s in it? The Vegg simulates egg yolk with just three ingredients:  nutritional yeast (which imparts what is called an “umami” essence), black salt (which adds a sulfur smell and taste of real egg yolk), and sodium alginate, which is a seaweed extract that provides the viscous and gelatinous properties of real eggs. Beta carotene has been added to make The Vegg a hearty egg yolk golden yellow.2014-02-09 11.00.05

The taste of the product is not EXACTLY like eggs, but it’s closer to the real thing than I’d imagined it would be. It’s versatility makes it great not only for french toast and pancake batter, but for tofu scrambles, nutloaf, pie fillings, cakes and cookies.

Since I have just a sample provided in the old mylar packet, I can’t comment on the new canister packaging. But this thing here is a drag unless you use the entire packet at once. Digging down into the bottom of the packet to get the Vegg out was a bit awkward.

The instructions on the packet are for single use of the whole thing. However, I’m just one person and no way was I going to eat all that! But after looking around on the web, I found instructions for making single servings of The Vegg: 1 teaspoon of Vegg powder to 1/4 cup of water, mixed in a blender or food processor. To keep what I didn’t use from falling out of the packet, I folder it over and secured the top with a rubber band, then stuck the entire thing in a sandwich zip lock baggie.

Though I have no cholesterol problems or allergies to eggs, I think this is going to be a very useful item to stock in my vegan pantry. For new vegans still going through the transition process, The Vegg could make them feel less deprived when having Sunday morning breakfast with the family. Who knows, they may ALL decide to have their french toast made with The Vegg!


Disclaimer: I received a complimentary packet of The Vegg and a Vegg cookbook from the manufacturer to review for the website. The thoughts, opinions and judgments about this product are totally my own. This review includes Amazon Affiliate links.

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    Thank you for the review Deborrah. I may put this on my shopping list.

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