Is Pasta Vegan? Check the Label to Make Sure !

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Pasta is one of those things that may or may not be vegan. Though the label may proclaim that the pasta is made with durum semolina wheat, you need to know what other items are in it. Vitaspelt pasta

Alternative pastas made with spelt, barley, quinoa, corn, artichoke, soybean, potato or brown rice, as well as noodles used internationally (soba for example which is made from buckwheat, udon and rice sticks), may all have different ingredients. Take a moment to examine the product label carefully before you buy.

Though most pasta is vegan, egg noodles are obviously not. Watch out for egg whites in other types of pasta, as well as butter. You are more likely to come across one or both of these ingredients when you buy fresh pasta vs. the dried variety.

If you’re in a restaurant, be sure to ask your waiter about the ingredients used to make the pasta they serve. Food allergies to eggs, peanuts and milk are extremely common, and a good waiter will most likely have a ready answer for you. If not, he or she should offer to quickly check with the chef. Having someone fall out in the restaurant from an allergic response is not a good look, and most restaurants would want to avoid such an occurrence.

Tinkyada-Brown-Rice-Pasta-Spirals-Gluten-FreeThe brand Ezekial makes a sprouted grain breads, pita and whole grain pastas that are very nutritious and hearty.  Trader Joes sells dynamite brands of pasta that meet the standard for vegan under their store brand.

And readily available in grocery stores across the nation is the Barilla brand; check out the Barilla Plus pasta line. Made with beans, Barilla Plus is higher in protein and fiber than regular white pasta, and something I’ve been eating myself for years.

DeBole’s and Eden Organic are also widely available brands — their brown rice, spelt and artichoke pastas are favorites in my home as well.

Alternative pastas may require an adjustment in taste due to the heavier texture and slightly different taste, but I think once you get used to the flavors, it will be hard to go back to plain white pasta.

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