The Soup Salad or Smoothie 30 Day Challenge

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BlacksGoingVegan.Com is sponsoring another challenge as we push forward with our goal to improve the eating habits and nutrition of THOUSANDS of African Americans each month.

The March 2015 challenge focuses on increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. USDA recommendations are that we ingest a minimum of five fresh fruits/vegetables per day. Sadly, my participation in a dozen or more cooking groups online has made me aware of how few of us even eat two. With that reality in mind, is there any question about why so many Black Americans suffer from diet-related diseases? There is no way to replace the phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, calcium and vitamins your body gets from eating fresh raw fruits and/or raw or lightly cooked vegetables. There is no comparison.

So if you’re one of the people who wants to do better but needs a little kick in the butt to make it happen, here it is.

This graphic explains it all, providing the guidelines for participation. You do NOT have to already be a vegan or vegetarian to participate. It is key that everyone understand that before they lose their mind that we have meat eaters or dairy eaters involved in a challenge. Our goal is to bring them along with love, support and acceptance WHERE THEY ARE RIGHT NOW.

So, in essence, for the next 30 days you agree to eat TWO of the following each and every day:

  • a large green smoothie
  • a large vegetable-based salad
  • a large bowl of vegetable-based soup

That’s it! There are lots of great recipes on this site, dozens of links to great recipes from last month’s vegan challenge, or you can find more links and discussion in the 30 Day Challenge by Blacks Going Vegan.Com group on Facebook.

Be sure to weigh, measure and take your blood pressure before you begin. The high nutrition and fiber of this challenge is pretty much guaranteed to lower your blood pressure readings and help you drop a few pounds (if you don’t go overboard with added fat in salad dressings that is).

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